Sunday, January 6, 2013

S'more Cupcakes

Alright my foodie friends. Unfortunately this is not one of those posts that is healthy and delicous. This recipe is just delicious. I haven't baked anything since I got pregnant and I was having baking with drawls.  I found this recipe in a magazine and thought my husband and family would like it. I, of course, had to modify the recipe a little to my liking.


  • 1 chocolate cake mix
  • 1 package of chocolate pudding mix ( 3.9 oz)
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1 jar of Jett-Puffed Marshmallow creme (7 oz)
  • 1 can of cool whip
  • a few marshmallows to top it off
  • a few graham crackers to crumble on top


  1. Prepare cake mix as directed. Cool cupcakes then slice in half horizontally
  2. Make pudding mix as directed
  3. Place bottom half of each cupcake in any container you choose. I used clear glasses.  Top with a spoonful of pudding, then a spoonful of marshmallow creme. Cover with the cupcake top. Add some cool whip and toppings as you like. 
  4. I would put cupcakes in the refrigerator until you are ready to eat. The cool whip tends to melt into the cupcake. 

This is a really easy recipe but a little messy.

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